Collaboration with 3 of the biggest retailers in The Netherlands

I am very proud! This year 2020 I partnered with three of the largest retailers in the Netherlands: Jumbo, Kruidvat and Holland & Barrett.

After previous successful collections, Kruidvat is launching a new MKBM collection in October, including MKBM clothing and sports attributes.

New this year is that Kruidvat, like supermarket chain Jumbo, also has my Killerbody Food products on the shelves. The Killerbody Food product range consists of my new product line of protein water and protein bars. I am very proud that these products will soon be available all over the Netherlands at these major retailers.

In addition to Kruidvat and Jumbo, Holland & Barrett has also become enthusiastic about our products. From October 2020, a selection from our MKBM product range, including MSM, Slimming, Vegan Protein and Casein, will be available in their stores.