Fajah Lourens lezingen motivatie publiek

Welcome to my website


You are here for a reason; you are looking for information about what I do and whether this matches what you are looking for. Thank you for being curious and that you might be interested in booking me.




I tell stories based of my own experience and making things immediately applicable. My talks are full of tips on how to start living with a positive mindset and a successful life starting right now.


In my talks the power of your thoughts and achieving your goals are the focus points. There is nothing better than attending a talk that actually benefits you. My message is clear and immediately applicable in life. Goals that seemed unattainable are suddenly within reach. This makes my method a success.

The talks I give vary from my own success story to motivational speech, in line with your wishes or those of another company. One of the options is a ’tailor-made’ talk in which I convey your message with my adapted story. Whether that is: quitting smoking, obtaining a diploma, working in healthcare or simply performing within your field of work – I will motivate your audience.


For whom?


The way I deliver my talks with the aim of motivating and inspiring the audience, makes my talks fascinating for any industry. Especially because the content is fully negotiable and adaptable.


I make something complicated sound understandable, accessible and moreover applicable for everyone. Employees, freelancers, self-employed professionals, students or visitors – we all want to achieve something in life and to perform the best we can. We all strive for success.


The question is: How? How do you chase your dreams? With my motivational talks you will no longer see bears on the road. If I can do it, so can you.


Brand collaboration


I have over 350,000 followers with my two Instagram accounts: @mykillerbodymotivation and @fayaofficial. In addition, I also have 110,000 likes on my two Facebook accounts of the same names.


My blogs at www.mykillerbodymotivation.com are very well read. I can use all these channels to promote your products. I have several long-term collaborations. It is important to me that the product or service matches what I stand for and believe in. This way I present the advertisements with belief.


Would you like to receive a non-binding offer? Please contact Jim Mulder (jim@mykillerbodymotivation.com).