In 2002 Faya had her breakthrough role in the famous Dutch soapseries Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden as Yasmin Fuentes. After that it went very fast. In a short time she had successfully positioned herself as a Dutch actress. Alongside her role as Yasmin she also starred as the lead in the Dutch movie Als je verliefd wordt.

In addition to her career as an actress, Faya developed a love for fitness and healthy eating. In 2013 she started an Instagram account called @mykillerbodymotivation and shared her progress with her followers. What followed was the online sports platform of the same name with training videos and within no-time Faya grew into the Dutch figurehead in the field of sports and nutrition.

In 2016, Faya launched her first book: Killerbody Plan. The book was already a bestseller before it was in the shops, thanks to 15,000 copies sold in presale. The book started off at number 1 in the Top 60 Bestseller list. Killerbody Plan was in the list of best-selling books for 78 weeks, 26 weeks of which in the top 5.

The sequel came out in January 2017: Killerbody 2. Killerbody 2 also started off at number 1 with Killerbody Plan directly below at number 2. Never before has a writer succeeded in having two books at number 1 and 2 on the bestseller list.

Killerbody 3: Back in Shape is now available in store and online. The third book is written for women who want to get back in shape again after pregnancy. In January 2019 Faya will self-publish her new book called ‘The Cellulite Guide’.

Starting October 2019, Faya will continue to motivate people live in theatre with her very own one-women show “If I can do it, you can too”.


Fajah gaat het theater in

Ik ga het theater in. En nee, het is geen nieuwe carrière. Ik heb er al genoeg. Ik ga eenmalig mijn levensverhaal vertellen. Zie het als een autobiografie, maar dan...

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Fajah Lourens launches swimwear collection

Fajah Lourens and Sapph launched a beautiful swimwear collection together: Sapph by Faya. Fajah is a well known fit girl thanks to her Killerbody and often shows this on her...

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Fajah Lourens (known as FAYA) puts an end to dj career

After a successful career Fajah Lourens (known as FAYA) officially stops as dj on 1 September 2018. “I’ve had an amazing time with international bookings, releases on big labels and,...

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