Time Will Tell

It’s been a while that Giel Beelen invited me in his morningshow at 3FM. The day before Giel asked me to send my new track because he was curious, so I did. During the show Giel surprised me with 3 young talented songwriters who wrote beautiful lyrics for my new track. Every songwriter had a different version of lyrics for my new track.

After I listened the 3 songs there was one song that gives me a special feeling, it was the version of Lotte Walda. She have a great voice and is so talented! I couldn’t wait to work with her on the track.

Now a couple of weeks later we have made a great track, we rewrite the lyrics a little bit because of my sweet little nephew Elfin, who past away a couple of months ago. The name of my new track is ”Time will tell” and will be released this friday under record label Powerhouse Music. I hope you guys will love this track as much as I do.

If you missed the morningshow of Giel you can click here to listen to the 3 tracks.